Tuesday, February 15, 2011

One -Month Anniversary/Valentine's Day

Yesterday was Sam and I's "one-month" anniversary being married. And it also happened to be Valentine's day. Last week I was really looking forward to Valentine's day because it would be my first one with an actual valentine. Crazy right?! But then... sickness hit our household. Not so fun. Sam got sick last Thursday with the achy body, feeling really week and tired, super congested sickness. I did not lag far behind... I started feeling sick Saturday afternoonish with the same thing.  Needless to say, I was super bummed about being sick for Valentine's day and our one-month anniversary. It actually ended up being a fairly enjoyable day though-- Sam stayed home from work and we just sat around and relaxed the whole day. Then, for the evening, we brought Cafe Rio home (which we LOVE) and watched a movie. Sadly I could not even taste the deliciousness of Cafe Rio because my nose was so plugged, but it was still nice to bring dinner home to enjoy with my hubby.

So the best part of the whole day? The present my wonderful, sweet husband got me. And the funny part about it? I got him the same thing. Well, sort of. Here is a picture of us holding what we got from one another.

I had this genius idea to make Sam a blanket because we don't have one to cuddle in when we are relaxing on the couch. Well, we do but none of them will fit around us both because they are mine... so yes they are quite small since I am a small person :). Sam had said numerous times how he wanted a blanket that would fit us both so I thought my idea to make a blanket was SUCH a good one! Little did I know he had the same idea for me. I knew without a doubt that Sam would want a Utah blanket so of course, that is what I made him. He surprised me with my blanket first though. Around lunch time he said he wanted to give me my present early (we were going to exchange gifts around dinner time) because it might make me feel better. He was right! I went in our room and he had it folded up on our bed, wrapped in purple ribbon (from our wedding) with cute little hearts on the ribbon he had made from the leftover fabric. SO CUTE RIGHT?! My heart melted. The fabric he chose for my blanket is PERFECT!!! Elephants are my favorite animal and purple is one of my favorite colors! The fabric on the back side is yellow... which goes so great with the whole thing and is also one of my favorite colors! I was (and still am) SOOOOO impressed. I really do have the sweetest husband. He put a lot of thought into the gift and a lot of time as well! Those blankets take longer than you'd think. Or at least more time than we thought they would. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the blanket. And he loves his as well. Pretty funny that we both thought of the same exact thing to give each other. We must be like perfect for each other or something. Probably the reason we got married :).

Monday, February 7, 2011

Our new blog

Okay, so I broke down and joined the blogging world. Sam and I figured we should get a blog since it seems like that's what all the cool married people do these days. I am still learning how to use it, though. It's coming along. So if the design changes every other day that probably means I figured out how to actually work this thing.

Sam and I are loving being married and everything that goes along with it! Sam is super thoughtful, always leaving me cute notes and helping me around the house (he does the dishes for me every night and even vacuums the house for me). He is the BEST! Being married is so great.

We should be getting our wedding pictures back sometime in the near-ish future so I will make sure to share some on here. Until then, here are a couple we have that I LOVE:

Isn't he just SO handsome? :)