Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend seems like forever ago now but we did such fun things so I have to share! The night before Labor Day we went camping... in our front yard. Daniel (brother-in-law) thought it would be fun to set up tents and camp out in the yard. So we did. The front yard at our house isn't terribly big but we made it work.

Our tent is the cute little gray and orange one.

I really did not help much with putting up the tent... but Sam sure did a great job!

I played with little Whitters instead :)

We all had a good time chatting and hanging out together. 
We even made our own campfire and roasted s'mores in the driveway!

Sam with cute baby Matthew.

It was so fun to see Lucy enjoy "camping" so much. In the morning she came and cuddled with Sam and I in our tent and told us the cutest things (like that we are her "best friends"). She is a doll.

I also have to note that Sam and I slept on a blow up twin-size mattress in our tent. I was not too excited about our sleeping arrangements at first but it actually wasn't bad! Sam kept me nice and toasty and I actually had plenty of room to sleep. Camping in the front yard was a pretty good time.

On the actual holiday Sam and I did the usual chores, bike ride, etc. Later that evening, though, we decided to make grilled pizza for everyone... and boy did it turn out to be delicious! We were nervous because it was our first time making pizza on the grill but it turned out to be a huge success! We made all different kinds of pizza... hawaiian, pepperoni, bbq chicken, and a super veggie one. What a great ending to a long, fun, relaxing weekend!

Sam in one of his mom's aprons. He thought this one was pretty cool because it had a towel on the front to wipe his hands on. I personally just thought he looked so cute in it!

The delicious veggie pizzas. We had grilled zucchini too (which is so so good)!

Some of the other beautiful pizzas.

What a great weekend to spend with our family and enjoy one another's company! Can't wait for another long weekend!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Go Utes!

Fall is always a great time of year for us... it means FOOTBALL season is here!!! One game down, many more to go! Here's to hoping Utah has a great season and kicks some serious behind! GO UTES!!!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sam's 24th Birthday

Sam just recently had a birthday! His birthday was on August 23rd. Sadly it was the second day of the semester and Sam had class late that night so, as a family, we celebrated Sam's birthday the following Friday night... we had steak, baked potatoes, grilled asparagus, pistachio salad, and all kinds of delicious food! I also made Sam a birthday cake... that began as a complete disaster. I tried twice to bake two 9" round cakes but the cakes did not come out clean either time. Luckily we were able to save the second attempt and turn it into a pretty decent cake!

It might have not been the prettiest looking cake, but it sure tasted good!

The very cute birthday boy :)

Lucy helping Sam blow out his candles.

Sam holding Whitney.

As for Sam's birthday gift, he was in GREAT need of a bike jersey, so naturally I had to get him a Utah jersey.

We rode up Emigration in our matching jerseys and thought we were pretty cool :). Needless to say, I think it was another successful birthday!