Monday, March 28, 2011

My job

So today I realized that I forgot to share all the fun details of MY new job! Well, about a month ago I got a job with the Purchasing Department at the U. My good friend Alexis called me up one evening and asked if I still needed a job and I did so she gave me her boss's info and after an interview I got the job! I was SO relieved. I had been looking ever since Sam and I got married and the job market did not look too promising. It is hard to get a decent job without a degree I have decided. And of course I needed one that works with my school schedule and wanted one that did not require working on the weekends. This one is PERFECT for both accounts. They really work with students which is wonderful.

So far I am enjoying the job. I do a lot of data input, I work at the front desk sometimes, and then I just do all the other jobs people need done. Grunt work basically. But I don't mind it. The work isn't the most exciting stuff ever but it is a good atmosphere to work in. All the people are really nice and helpful so it really makes the job a lot better. Plus, I get to work with Alexis and a few other friends... so fun! AND I even have my own cubicle! Here is the little beauty...

I think it is pretty cool I have two computer screens... although I always forget to use the right one...

Everyone else has a name tag so I just decided to make my own :)

Okay so it is not incredibly glamorous but I did not even expect to have my own cubicle in the first place! So I like to think it is cool. 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sam got a new job!!

What a happy day- Sam got a new job!! He is SO stinkin excited! Beginning April 4th, he will be working for JCPenney as an Accounting Clerk in the jewelry and ledger department. Sam has been working hard at getting a new job for a while now so we are thrilled that he got this one! This is the one he wanted most. Sam's brother Jon works for JCPenney... which is how he knew about the position. Jon works in a different department but I am sure they will still be seeing each other more often now... which is always a good thing. Sam is such an incredibly hard worker and he is very smart so he will be a great asset to the department. Plus, this will be great job experience for him... to get his foot in the door in the accounting world. I am SO proud of him! He is going to do so great!

Seriously... who could ever say no to this cute face anyway??

Weekend in St. George

This past weekend Sam and I took a short trip to St. George to see my family. It is Spring Break so we decided we wanted to get away for a short weekend at the very least. We both have to work so St. George was really our only option. But it was so nice to be able to get away and enjoy somewhat warmer weather! It was mostly overcast the whole time but Friday was really nice and the temperature was still decent. Definitely warmer than here in Salt Lake. We enjoyed just simply relaxing and not having to worry about school and work. We did not do a whole lot besides playing pickleball. What the heck is pickleball you ask? Only one of the most fun activities ever! It is a mix between tennis and ping pong kind of... and maybe a little badminton too. It is played on a smaller court (about the size of a badminton court) with wooden-like paddles (maybe 3/4 the size of a tennis racket) and basically a wiffle ball. You can play doubles or singles. The rules are hard to explain not in person but it is great fun! We love playing it! (For more information visit the website for the US Pickleball Association). Sam and I played with my dad and sister Friday for like 2 hours and got a little sunburned.. we forgot how in some areas of the world you have to worry about things like that. We are used to the snow and clouds unfortunately. Later that night we went bowling with my whole family. I am not the best bowler ever but it was still fun. 

Me and the sister

The siblings... we are pretty attractive

Me and my cute hubby

Saturday Sam and I played some more pickleball and then made dinner that night for the fam. Asparagus chicken penne, breadsticks, and salad... mmmmmm!! It was mightly delicious.

We had such a fun weekend! Hooray for Spring Break!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wedding Pictures

Here are some of the pictures from our wedding and reception taken by the lovely Christine Olson. All I have to say is the woman is AMAZING. We were so lucky to have her photograph our wedding!






williams-519williams-543 williams-558









williams-778 williams-864williams-786




So there are our lovely pictures. There is definitely more where that came from but I don’t think it would be easy to post 950 pictures :). Anyway, hope you like them as much as we do!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Happy birthday to me

So this past Sunday was my 22nd birthday... pretty crazy that I am 22 now! I had such a good birthday. Unlike last year (it snowed literally ALL day) it was such a beautiful day! About 50 degrees and sunshine! I loved it. I didn't do anything super special for my birthday but it still was a nice day (although the Daylight savings was kind of killer). Basically went to church, went on a walk (which I LOVED), opened my presents (Sam got me an awesome University of Utah bike jersey-- which I cannot wait to wear!), ate dinner with the fam, had cake and ice cream... having a birthday on a Sunday kind of limits things. BUT, the day before I got to go shopping which was fun and Sam's mom took us all out to dinner. I got to pick so naturally, I chose Pizza Factory. I LOVE that place! The garlic breadsticks and BBQ chicken pizza are to die for! I am a sucker for pizza, it is so yummy.

Sam and I at Pizza Factory

The highlight of my birthday was probably the cutest, most delicious cake Sam made for me. 

Is this not the cutest ting you've ever seen?!?! I love it so much. Sam decided he wanted to make me a really cool cake and since elephants are my favorite animal (which I think I have mentioned before) this is the one he chose. I only helped him make the frosting... everything else he did all by himself! I am still so impressed. He did a wonderful job. AND the cake tasted great too!

Yes they actually put 22 candles on my cake

Us trying to take more pictures since we are not so good at remembering to do it.

I am so grateful to have such a wonderful husband and to be surrounded by such amazing people. Everyone made me feel so special on my birthday. Thank you so much everybody!