Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Big 23

I am about a week late but last Tuesday was my 23rd birthday. I can't believe I am 23... where has the time gone?!?! I had a good birthday. It was pretty low-key and relaxing, which I really enjoyed. The night before my birthday, Sam's mom (LuAnn) treated the family to Pizza Factory to celebrate. I have been to Pizza Factory for 3 years in a row now for my birthday... what can I say, I really like pizza! And their breadsticks of course.

Love this guy :)

I got to spend the day of my birthday with this girl! Erin is one of my very best friends. We were roommates our first year at the U and became best friends! She just recently (last August) got back from a mission in Denmark and is now attending the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. I am sad she doesn't live nearby but I am so glad she was able to come visit for spring break! Erin just got engaged and I got to go wedding dress shopping with her while she was visiting... so fun! I had never been wedding dress shopping with anyone before (just when I went for myself) so I was really excited to go. Plus we found her a beautiful dress that she is going to look STUNNING in!

I really had a great birthday and I am so grateful for all the wonderful people I was able to share it with. I look forward to another incredible year to come!

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