Friday, March 9, 2012

Masters of Bread Making

Last Saturday Sam and I decided that we wanted to try to make homemade bread. We were getting tired of store-bought bread so we thought we would give it a shot. We wanted to make somewhat healthy bread and found a recipe for Multigrain Bread on We pretty much use their recipes for EVERYTHING... all of their stuff is fantastic! And this recipe certainly was no exception.

Of course, making this bread was like a whole-day ordeal, but it was totally worth it! Sam and I were nervous because we put so much effort into the bread and we were going to be really disappointed if it didn't turn out well.  It seriously turned out great and exceeded our expectations... so much so that we ate almost an entire loaf after it was done baking! Haha.

Doesn't it look so yummy??

As an added bonus, you do not need a breadmaker to make this bread! Which is a plus for people who don't have one. We actually do have one but we don't use it very much.

Anyway, Sam and I have made some different types of bread lately (rolls, banana bread, and this multigrain bread) and they have turned out REALLY GOOD so we like to think we are bread-making professionals now. Or maybe we are just really good at following recipes :).


  1. I love baking bread. Peter Breinhart has great recipes. His whole wheat is great, but it also takes at least a day to make. If you want to make some great artisan french bread, try this recipe, it's way easy and tastes great:

  2. Like Ben said he loves making bread. He got a recipe book for artisan bread for Christmas and every time he makes bread it is so good. I love homemade warm bread with butter!

  3. Nicole, that looks delicious. I miss working with you, and I miss the delectable baked goods you always brought to work, too :).